Rep. Clarke Finally Makes Herself Available for One Debate

From May 2018

After weeks of denying voters the opportunity to hear directly from both candidates because she was 'too busy,' my opponent has finally agreed to one debate. That's right, she is willing to debate once for 20 minutes.

It is deeply disappointing and disrespectful to our community that there will not be a series of debates throughout the district, but I am not surprised. This Congressmember has a do-nothing record of too little, too late and clearly wants to deny voters the answer to why she hasn't passed any legislation in over a decade in Congress. 

This is long overdue - voters deserve the chance to hear the differences between me and my opponent ahead of the Democratic primary. I look forward to debating my record for change and vision for the future against incumbent Rep. Clarke and her record of no results.

Representative Clarke is 'Too Busy' for a Debate

From May 2018

I invited Congresswoman Clarke to a series of debates across the district at her convenience - to which she declined citing her busy schedule.

The people of Brooklyn deserve a leader who cares enough to stand before them, hear their concerns, and offer their own vision for change. The Congresswoman's unwillingness to address the pressing issues of our time is shameful-but when you've spent over a decade in Congress with no legislation passed it is unsurprising she might want to hide her record from the voters.

Now is the time for bold and effective leadership in the face of Trump's extremism and failed local policy, our city has lost over 280,000 rent regulated apartments, our communities are being unfairly targeted by law enforcement, and our children are suffering in deeply unequal schools. The Congresswoman's refusal to stand before her own constituents and share her vision is deeply disappointing and sadly in line with her record.

I Support the Women Coming Forward Against Eric Schneiderman

From May 2018

New York must have a zero-tolerance policy for abuse, and it is imperative that we do more to support all abuse victims. It takes incredible courage to share such traumatic and personal experiences, and I completely support these brave women as they come forward against Eric Schneiderman.

We must hold our leaders accountable for their actions, and we must take swift action against any individual who harasses, abuses, or assaults women. I hope law enforcement officials will investigate this matter fully and ensure that justice is served.


Ben Carson Plans to Raise Rent on Low-Income Families

From Apr. 2018

Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Ben Carson, proposed raising rents for people living in public housing. This might be one of the cruelest moves yet - among many - by the Trump administration.

Ben Carson's proposal is nothing short of a slumlord move. This is an unconscionable proposition given the public housing in my district is quite literally falling apart, people are currently living in hazardous conditions.

I believe suitable housing is a human right. Carson should be should be focused on increasing federal funding for public housing, not squeezing the people struggling most to make ends meet.

Endorsement: Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club

From Apr. 2018

I'm honored to receive the endorsement of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club. It's fighters like President, Allen Roskoff, and members of this club that are turning the tide against Trump's bigotry and extremism, and I am proud to stand alongside them in this battle. It's not enough to say the right things if you do not deliver on your words; I pledge that as Congressmember, I will work every day to get real results stand up for equal rights for ALL residents throughout Brooklyn.

You can read the full statement by club President, Allen Roskoff, below:

"The Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club is proud to endorse Adem Bunkeddeko for Congress. Adem strongly supports our club's values, believing that everyone has the right to achieve the American Dream no matter their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or economic status. With Donald Trump threatening all the progress we've made, we need proactive leaders like Adem fighting for social justice in Congress."

Reports of Race-Based Marijuana Busts

From Feb. 2018

Reports of race-based marijuana busts confirm what years of research has already proven - that marijuana arrests disproportionately impact communities of color. 

Marijuana use is virtually the same between black and white Americans, yet black Americans are 3.5 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession.

Trump's Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, continues to push regressive legislation against legalization and is threatening to undermine states' abilities to choose how to best deal with this issue, perpetuating a racist double standard that harms Brooklyn families.

I believe legalizing marijuana and re-enfranchising people who have previously served their time is core to criminal justice reform and will provide much needed resources to states and relief to taxpayers. Our Congressmember's failure to act is unacceptable; as a Congressmember, I will be a strong voice for this long, overdue reform.

Rep. Clarke's Partners with Anti-Obama Representative Darrell Issa

From Feb. 2018

Congresswoman Clarke announced the launch of a Smart City Caucus that she will co-chair with Darrell Issa.

Of all the people to reach out to across the aisle, Darrell Issa might be one of the worst choices imaginable for Rep. Clarke, and she should know better than to align herself with him.

This is a man who proudly boasted of using his Congressional Office to undermine Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign; shut off Rep. Elijah Cummings's microphone to silence him in Oversight Committee hearings; and called President Obama 'one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times. 

In the era of Trump, we need Democrats who fight tooth and nail for our values, not pander to right-wing extremists like Issa who helped Trump get elected in the first place.

Trump Administration Proposes NYCHA Funding Cuts

From Feb. 2018

The Trump Administration's proposed 2019 budget includes significant cuts to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which will directly impact the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). 

New York City is barely maintaining an acceptable standard of living for the most vulnerable people in our community. Now, President Trump is proposing deeper cuts to those already living on the margins of society. When it comes to affordable housing, we are in full-blown crisis mode. Suitable housing is a human right, and we must do better than this.

NYCHA has been on the brink of collapse for years and Yvette Clarke's spokesperson recently said she's been 'an advocate on critical issues.' Affordable housing is one of the most important issues facing our community and New York City, and she has failed to deliver for the people who are getting pushed out of their neighborhoods with no place to go. We need a leader in Congress who will actually be an advocate for all of us. As your next Representative, I will not stand by as the Trump Administration attacks New Yorkers.